Lance Bass Tells His Side Of The Tattoo Story

Contributed by nsyncgurl11388:

of *NSYNC responded to reports about what happened when he got a tattoo and people said he ran out of the place crying. Bass wrote on the message boards at “Tatoo or Tattoo? I dont know how to spell!! Ok here is the scoop!! That [Us Weekly] article was a total lie! [Joey Fatone], [Chris Kirkpatrick], and I went to the opening of the new shop and I asked the guy to give me a freckle on my wrist as a joke because I didn’t want to get another big tattoo (I have 7!). I wanted to remember the occasion so that’s why I wanted a freckle, and it would be funny. So thats what happened, no I didn’t scream and run out crying! LOL. That’s my peace… I WANT A RETRACTION!!! lol.”

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2 thoughts on “Lance Bass Tells His Side Of The Tattoo Story

  1. kellyismad says:

    That’s my peace? Peace as in peace on earth? Piece! aka a piece of the pie. I wish celebrities could spell and use proper grammar:)

  2. jeff g says:

    I gave Joey his first tattoo….superman tattoo on his hip

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