Lance Bass Visits ‘Showbiz Tonight’

visited ‘Showbiz Tonight’ on Wednesday (October 24), where co-host AJ Hammer asked the former *NSYNC star what he thought happened to his friend Britney Spears. “You know, that’s what happens to some people when you have – you grow up in this business at such a young age,” Bass explained. “We were lucky enough to have, you know – I had my four best friends around me at all times to knock me down back to earth if, you know, I ever started get my head into the clouds. When you are a solo artist, especially a female solo artist, it’s really difficult when you have no one around telling, you know – telling you the truth. And every day you pick up a magazine and people are nitpicking your body weight and what your hair was like today. You know, it’s crazy. We never got that. No one cares, you know, if I gain ten pounds this week.” But Bass isn’t hopeless that Britney can turn things around, telling Hammer, “But things will change. You know, she’ll get back, and she’ll be fine.” Read the entire interview transcript, towards the bottom of the page, here.

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