Lance Introduces JC To Myspace

posted on his MySpace earlier today that bandmate JC Chasez is setting up a page for himself. “JC is in the middle of getting his page set up. Ill tell you when it goes up,” Lance writes. Presuming it’s, the singer writes, “Hey what’s up girls and boys! Just figured out how to get this thing to work. I would have joined sooner but I didn’t know bout it till recently. I’m having trouble uploading music on here but I’m workin on it hopefully stuff will be up soon.”

Lance Bass On CBS’ ‘Game Show Marathon’

March 18, 2006 – star Lance Bass will participate as a contestant in the new CBS program ‘Game Show Marathon’. The game show features celebrities who compete as contestants in recreations of classic formats of the past and present. The initial seven-episode run will be devoted to ‘The Price Is Right’, ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, ‘Match Game’ (featuring panelists Betty White and George Foreman), ‘Card Sharks’, ‘Press Your Luck’, ‘Beat the Clock’, and ‘Family Feud’. According to Bass’ MySpace blog, taping begins this week until April 8th. Bass writes, “I have always DREAMED of being on ‘Price Is Right’ and here’s my chance!! YEA!”

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