Lance Bass Wants Another Shot at Getting ‘Grease 3’ Going

WENN reports still wants to get the already shelved Grease 3 project off the ground but admits, “What put ‘Grease 3’ on the backburner was we discovered so many people own the rights to different things. One person owns the name and somebody else one owns the T-Birds and still another person owns the music. So, eventually no one really wanted to deal with it. It was proving too much of a hassle, but I think we’ll definitely take another look at getting it made.”

Meredeth Edwards Credits Hometown Buddy Lance

November 5, 2001 – Katrillion talked to Meredith Edwards about being signed to Lance Bass’ Free Lance Entertainment label and said of the star, “We’re good friends. With others, you don’t have that trust factor; they don’t know what you stand for. He’s been in the business for years, he’s been through everything, though pop and country are night and day.”

Lance Talks To Rick Dees

October 30, 2001 – Earlier this month (October 15) Lance Bass called into the Rick Dees show to promote On The Line. Lance not only talked about the movie, but revealed that for the past two weeks, he’s been in a relationship before being single the two years prior. Lance mentioned the September 11 tragedy saying he was glued to the television the entire day. Lance said regarding the charity shows, “We’re in the position where we can help and we’re very lucky that we have a big voice right now.”

Lance Says Guys Loved ‘On The Line’

October 30, 2001 – Pam Sitt of the Seattle Times spoke with *NSYNC’s Lance Bass about ‘On the Line’ mostly and when asked what the rest of the group thought of the movie, Bass said, “They loved it. We’re the biggest critics in the world. We go to theaters and heckle everyone. … But everyone was pleasantly surprised. They were like, ‘Wow, it’s a real movie.'”

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