Lance Bass Baffled Over $1000 French Toast

Barry Koltnow of the Orange County Register talked to *NSYNC’s about his surprise over a fan paying $1,000 for a half eaten piece of French toast, Eminem, and Backstreet Boys. As for the toast, Lance says, “I can’t make sense of it. I asked Troy Aikman for an autograph when I was 12, but I’ve never been in those shoes. I’ve never been a fanatic. I think there must be something deep inside them that makes them do it. It’s not really them; there’s this feeling inside that they have to get out.”

Lance also takes a shot at Eminem while defending *NSYNC’s own music saying, “I think our music is as real as any band out there. Our music comes from our heart. Critics think Eminem is so real. He’s all fake. He just raps to sell records. Besides, his daughter has a poster of us on her wall. What does that tell you?”

Finally, in regard to the Backstreet Boys feud, Lance puts the blame on the group’s label, Jive. Bass admits, “They tried to pit us against each other because they thought it would sell more records. They told us untrue stories about what they other was saying and we were too busy on the road to ask them about it.

“It was a big game they were playing, and we’re not playing that game anymore.”

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