Larry King Talks With Jermaine Jackson At Neverland

CNN’s Larry King talked with Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson about Neverland and the legacy that Michael left behind from the late pop star’s Santa Barbara ranch.

Asked if he was bothered Michael’s will didn’t mention their father Joe, Jermaine told Larry, “It doesn’t bother me, because if my mother’s mentioned, my father’s fine. I mean, if my mother’s fine, we’re all fine. But most important, it’s not about money, Larry. It’s not about property. We’re a family. We’re a family. We don’t let that get in the way. That’s not important to us. That’s not important.”

Video of the interview, aired Thursday (July 2), at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Larry King Talks With Jermaine Jackson At Neverland

  1. Michael911325 says:

    Michael Jackson we love you very much for who you are
    and not what Haters say about you the media title you a freak all it takes is a small group of nuts with nothing better to cover news worthy and the press runs with it.
    Not seeing they are destroying their own image of covering news in today’s world amateur news is getting more news worthy about the real you and that is the public. and some press like CNN Larry King thank you for honoring Michael Jackson with respect.
    P.S Larry did you see the ghost in the
    the Never Land House wow! it look like Michael Jackson.
    From: Michael91325

  2. happy9 says:

    ya… I see it too…but is that really really him….

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