Latest Singles From Jessica Simpson & Janet Jackson Debut On Billboard

Jessica Simpson's 'Take My Breath Away' single cover

Jessica Simpson’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ makes its first appearance this week on the Hot 100 at No. 59 according to Billboard. The track is from the expanded edition of ‘In This Skin’. Her previous single ‘With You’ is still going strong at radio and only slips one notch to No. 16 in it’s 15th week on the chart. Janet Jackson enters the Hot 100 at No. 74 with ‘I Want You’. Janet’s last single ‘Just a Little While’ debuted much higher but couldn’t make gains on that and fizzled out No. 45.

Jessica Simpson Okays A Nick Lachey Fling With Halle Berry

March 27, 2004 – Globe magazine reports Jessica Simpson is saying her sex life with hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees is fantastic, but acknowledges there may be a time when they need to spice things up. “If Halle Berry every wanted to hook up with Nick, I’d let him,” Simpson revealed. As for who she’d like a romp with, Simpson responded, “George Clooney. The really older man.”

Jessica Simpson Wises Up In Fashion And Beauty

March 26, 2004 – Jessica Simpson spoke with Us Weekly about her style makeover, which saw her go from a frightening outfit in 2001 at a Z-100 concert to fashion styles that are now being copied by other celebs, naming her makeover the third best ever, behind Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Simpson admits, “My style has gotten softer.” As for her biggest fashion rule? “Everything has to be fitted at the waist, otherwise it looks maternity!” Simpson’s stylist Kev Paves adds, “She’s always up for new stuff and all different things.”

Tina Fey’s Plans For Janet Jackson’s ‘SNL’ Duties

March 26, 2004 – When ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Tina Fey dropped by ShoWest with Lindsay Lohan to talk about their new comedy, ‘Mean Girls’, Fey revealed to ‘Extra’ what she’s planning when Janet Jackson hosts ‘SNL’ next month: “I want to do a ‘Good Times’ parody with Janet and make her play Penny on ‘Good Times’ again.”

Jermaine Dupri Intends To Marry Janet Jackson

March 26, 2004 – Jermaine announced on Ryan Seacrest’s syndicated Los Angeles radio show that he intends to make Janet his wife. “I want to marry her. I’m not going to mess this up. I would like to be with her forever,” said the hip hop mogul. “We all could tell from the look in his eyes he wasn’t playing. It was obvious this is a guy in love,” producer Martin Wagmaister, who witnessed the declaration, told The New York Daily News.

Will Janet And Justin Reunite At ‘Damita Jo’ Release Party?

March 22, 2004 – The New York Post reports Virgin Records may have gone too far after inviting *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake to Janet Jackson’s ‘Damita Jo’ release party Monday at Spice Market. “Virgin wants him there, but Janet has not forgiven him” after the Super Bowl breast flashing stunt, an insider said, adding: “Justin knew exactly what was going to happen and then he just ditched Janet when it all blew up – and even blamed her.”

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7 thoughts on “Latest Singles From Jessica Simpson & Janet Jackson Debut On Billboard

  1. trluk says:

    Good to see Jessica doin so good – she’s so funny you just gotta love her!

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I love Janet’s new single and most of the tracks on her new album. Her music is always so refreshing and cool, yet sensual and hot at the same time. And Jessica Simpson is just a gorgeous funny girl, gotta love em both!

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    Okay I know that I said that Janet’s new CD sucked, but I spoke too soon, I heard the record last night, and its awesome, and yeah its all about sex but who cares, the beats on the CD are really good, and well Hey I like sex, so people you need to go out and get it, comes out on the 30th. O and the video for I want you is really good. Its sweet.

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    I live in New York and listen to Z100,I have yet heard Janet new song.They are banging the crap out of Avril new song,and Jessica I used to dislike her,but now she grows on you,Luv her CD

  5. Lava33 says:

    I love Janet’s new song “I want you”, its so much better than her first single from “Damita Jo”, I can’t wait to get that album. As for Jessica Simpson, I really don’t like her remake of “Take my breath away”. The original by Berlin is a million times better. I liked Jessica on the first season of Newlyweds, but she is so annoying now. Last season she was funny, this season she tries 2 hard to be stupid and she ends up just becoming really annoying. I remember this season when she cried because her hair stylist couldn’t fly into town, she has just become so conceited. I really don’t like Jessica anymore. Go Janet!

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree with that!!’, ‘I love Janet’s new album. It’s not really ALL about sex, she also emphasizes love and the sensuality that comes with it, and she does it in a hot, juicy, and tantalizing way that’s just beautiful and sweet at the same time. Besides, the majority of all pop cd’s nowadays are all about sex, so I don’t see why people make a big deal about that.

  7. famefan says:

    I’ve heard some DJ’s saying that if they are going to play Take My Breath Away they are going to play the original because that is the better version- Jessica whines this song through her nose and no one can understand WHAT she is saying!! HA HA

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