Latin Access Interview With Howie Dorough

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Latin Access Interview with Howie
*I typed this out by myself so sorry if there’s mistakes*

Interviewer: “I’m gonna try out to be a Backstreet Boy! Whoa, yeah!” *shows clip of “Everybody” video*
“You guys have sold over 80 million albums worldwide. Now, how does that feel? I can’t feel sell my old record player for 20 bucks.” Howie laughs. “I mean how does that feel?”
Howie: “It’s, uh, definetly overwhelming, I mean, we have a lot of great fans all around the world, who’ve supported us, almost 10 years now. *clip of “I Want It That Way Video” with “Larger Than Life playing*
*voice over* “Howie Dorough gives the Backstreet Boys a touch of Latin spice. He comes at you like a stelth weapon. He seems like a shy guy who lets the other Boys take center stage, but Backstreet fans know that there’s more to Howie D. than meets the eye.” *clip of “All I Have To Give” on Howie’s solo*

Interviewer: “So you’re half Purto Rican and hald Irish desent? Which is which?”
Howie: “My mom is actually Purto Rican, she’s from *sorry I have no idea how to say or spell the city he said!* And my dad is actually Irish desent. He’s orignially from Georgia. He’s a good all America boy, but his desent is Irish. So, I created my own nationality, Spanish, Irish, Spirsh, combo there.” *clip of “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.”*
Voice over: “And Howie D. is definatly in touch with his Latin side. Even though he admits his Espanol is not perfecto.”
Interviewer: “What’s the Latin love thing about?”
Howie: “You know it’s funny. The guys kind of tease me because, um, because we all have, uh, different tastes, but as I got older more and more I was looking for someone more like my mom. The guys, you know, and they noticed that I was always, more, I don’t know they used to always say I was sauve with the Latin girls *has a really cute face here* So, they called me the Latin lover.”
Interviewer: “So, what is your ideal girl? Your ideal woman.”
Howie: “My ideal girl, is um…”
Interviewer: “And you’ve got one now? That’s what everyone wants to know.”
Howie: “No, nope, not yet. I would love it to be someone very similar to my mom with her morals and um, if she can cook Spanish food that’s even better!”
Interviewer: “Of course you’ve got millions of fans. I mean, they probably would tear down the roof of a house, just to, of a hotel, just to get near you guys.”
Howie: “We’ve had several incidences, where girls have litterally climbed over babr wire fences and were in our dressing rooms, open the door and they’re right there. How they get over, I don’t know and they’re stockings are all ripped up and everything *laughs*”
*over voice while showing Howie and the interviewer walking through a garden* “Howie says he plans to do more acting. There have been recent reports that Backstreet Boys are planning to break up and go their seperate ways. But, when we talked to Howie, keeping the boys together, was a priority.”
Howie: “We’re definalty in the process of recording an album and putting it out. We’re not exactly sure if we’re going to be doing the touring so much this year. So, that will give me a chance to do some of that. As well as keep the whole Backstreet Boys together, which is always a good thing.” *”Everybody” clip. Shows the interview guy trying to do the dance. Howie walks in looking at him weird and turns the music off.*
Howie: “What are you doing?”
Interviewer: “Well, I thought maybe I could be one of the Backstreet Boys.”
Howie: *shaking his head* “No there’s only 5 Backstreet Boys alright buddy?” *making hand signals for him to leave and shaking his head.
Interviewer: “Well maybe one day you’ll be sick-“
Howie: “You’re outta here, you’re outta here.” *walking away*
Interviewer: “But maybe one day you’ll be sick and you, know…”
Howie: “Nope, no, nope!
Interviewer: “You sure?”
Howie: “Auditions are next week!”
Interviewer: “But, I, I can move” *does stupid little dance moves.*

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