Laura Imbruglia Checks In From London

on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Monday ( 24). She writes:

I’m in sunny Europe!

Howdy! I’m a travelling gal! I’ve eaten way too many lollies, they’re just so good over here- I can’t control my urges.

So, Berlin was fun – I’m very much looking forward to heading back there to continue my German fun- please come to the shows – all Germans reading this. And please point me in the direction of a good t-shirt. Thanking you.

Now I’m in London and really not doing much during the day- tomorrow I will aim to do SOMETHING with my day, as I am really wasting my precious time in this foreign country.
I have added another London show to my list- 5th October and other bits and pieces of information.

Check it out, y’all!
Come to my London gigs!

Laura x

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