Laura Imbruglia Posts Three Songs From Forthcoming Album

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Friday ( 15). “Hey kids, I’ve just added 3 new songs to my page! Yay,” she writes. “They’re off my album that comes out on Oct 14! I hope you like them. JJJ has been playing ‘Tear Ducts’ every now and then but perhaps you should call and email them all day, every day and see if you can make them play it some more. Only if you feel like doing that. I dunno. You’ll also notice I’ve re-designed my page and got rid of the ‘purty faces’ background. Sorry to anyone who is disappointed that their ugly mug no longer graces my page, but the ugly faces were starting to lose their charm. It was time to move on. ALRIGHT?! Lemme know what you think of these new tunes, unless you’re going to give me criticism. I don’t even like the constructive kind, so back right off, buddy. Love always, Laura”

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