Laura Marling Performs On NPR’s World Cafe

Laura Marling

joined World Cafe host David Dye on Tuesday (January 27) to discuss her brief stint as a member of Noah and the Whale and address those who think the new record is overly melancholic. Marling also performed ‘Rambling Man’, ‘Roll Away Your Stone’, ‘My Manic and I’, and ‘Your Only Doll (Dora)’.

“I was worried that people might perceive it as melancholic because it’s meant to be hopeful,” Marling said about her new album. “That was just kind of an insecurity of mine.”

On her father’s musical abilities, she said, “He actually ran a recording studio which shut down when I was a toddler, but I sort of grew up surrounded by random pieces of recording studios. He played guitar and he wrote songs mainly for himself, and then he taught me that.”

On honesty in songwriting being difficult, Laura said, “You do have to do it at arms length to some extend, but the vulnerability of it is the brilliance of it. That’s what keeps me going and keeps me from being complacent, that I feel vulnerable pretty much all the time, therefor terrified and therefor always on edge.”

Check out the 20-minute show below the cut.

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