Laura Pausini Advises Americans To Be More Open

Contributed anonymously:

revealed to RAI TV just a few minutes after the amazing performance in the NRJ awards in France that the cause of her unsuccessful English album ‘From The Inside’ was caused by her record label Atlantic. “First of all they told me to say that I was 18,” she said. “Then they made a cheap video to make me look like a 16 year old. Finally, they where interested in the remixes and not the actual album. That is called a wasting of time and money. But the advice that I will give to Americans is to be more open to other cultures. Look at Europe, you can be in France and listen to Latin music or in Italy and listen to French music. It’s all about opening to new cultures. They need to know that not everyone is a Britney clone. Not everybody likes to be dancing around singing about boyfriends and sex. Not everybody wants to make a career out scandals and not everybody is blonde. Why is singing about sex, money, drugs and cars is so attractive to you? Do clothes, makeup and good looks guarantee that you will be a star in America?”

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