‘Law & Order’ Sweeps Episode To Mirror Michael Jackson Plight

Michael Jackson 'Forever Michael'

The New York Post reports ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ will feature an episode that mirrors Michael Jackson’s child molestation case come sweeps week. According to a source, ‘SVU’ just shot an episode based on the current charges facing the King of Pop, claiming he molested a 12-year-old cancer patient. The casting breakdowns for the Jackson character reportedly read like the former pop star’s biography and even end with the line, “Sound like anyone we know?” Horror movie actor Will Keenan will portray Jacko.

Jacko Living In Mansion Owned By Democratic Power Player

February 10, 2004 – The $30 million, five-and-a-half acre house has been staying at while awaiting trial on child molestation charges is located north of San Diego in La Jolla. Jackson has been in seclusion inside the 26,000 square-foot villa owned by billionaire supermarket magnate Ron Burkle. ‘Extra’ has learned that Jackson is just one of Burkle’s rich and famous friends. Forbes Magazine’s Matthew Miller says Burkle is a power player in the Democratic Party. “He is very well connected,” Miller said. “Ron Burkle is friends with Bill Clinton and Hillary, and he’s friends with Jesse Jackson.”

Jackson Turns To One Of His Critics – Armstrong Williams

February 10, 2004 – has turned to one of his harshest critics, conservative columnist Armstrong Williams, at the urging of youngest brother Randy, who is leading a new push to save the singer’s hide, a family friend told the New York Daily News. Randy’s new role does not mean that brother Jermaine, who has been Jacko’s staunchest and most public defender, has lost influence. “This is a band of brothers, as it were,” the friend said yesterday. Williams told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’: “[Michael is] running his affairs. The role of the Nation [of Islam] has significantly diminished over the last month.”

Jackson Family Want Nation Of Islam Out

February 9, 2004 – MSNBC’s Dan Abrams is reporting that Michael Jackson’s family wants the Nation of Islam out of the King of Pop’s life, tired of being controlled when to see him, and being searched when they go to see him. ‘The Abrams Report’ spoke with Jackson family representative Firpo Carr and Stacy Brown, Jackson friend and MSNBC analyst. MSN.com has since removed the video.

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