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The final Supreme Court decision is complete and delivered: The verdict for Dream Street Entertainment (DSE) – INNOCENT on all charges!

The judge writes that the mothers of the former 4 Dream Street performers were responsible for their son’s loss of a career with Dream Street. The judge accuses the moms of lying and fabricating the story that their boys were in ANY moral or physical danger. The court claims the boys stopped working to force hardship upon DSE in order to gain (steal) control.

This ruling was made two days ago (August 7th, 2002) by Judge D. Lebedeff.

A message from Dream Street Entertainment (The defendants found innocent):

We will publish the entire court decision on the official
website. No longer will any fan have to struggle to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. It is clear from the New York City Supreme Court ruling that DSE is INNOCENT of all charges and the boys and their parents are GUILTY of lying. Those are the FACTS.

We at DSE are pleased that a Judge of the NYC Supreme court saw the evilness, destructive lies and the vindictive smear campaign that the four mothers and their management – Jerry Brenner, Jon Stuart – tried to ruin DSE with….it did not work, they failed, again!

We have been vindicated, and Chris Trousdale is a true hero for being brave enough to refuse to be a party to their lies and greed. He stood strong with DSE because he knew it was the truth; the right thing to do. His loyalty will be rewarded with a “full court press” effort by DSE to catapult him to fame and superstar status as a solo performer, that he so richly deserves. His fans should begin to anticipate his solo album, an international concert tour and more and more of CHRIS TROUSDALE than they could ever dream!!!

Finally, thanks to the thousands of fans who believed the truth and supported Dream Street Entertainment, Inc. You truly are: (the best ever) “THE BIGGEST FAN”(s)…COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!!!

For more information on the New York Supreme Court’s final verdict, refer to this posting at the Yahoo Group Dream_Street_Truth:

Admin note: I’ll assume this came from the Dream Street Truth Yahoo! group…

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4 thoughts on “Lawsuit News – Dream Street

  1. Nikkeah Hockey says:

    My name is Nikkeah, I have always been a fan of dream street. There talent was sensational, but even though some of boys may have lied they deserve a second chance they have talent that is going to waste…. an I hate seeing that, I no I may only seem like some love struck fan but I’m not I believe that these boys should team up again to give the world what they really want in the music world………….music that makes sense has meaning that really touches a lot of people…. this is what these boys use to produce in there music, there remarkable, I can’t exactly say everything I want to say rite here in this comment but please give me the chance to, these boys deserve to be doing what they love. so please give some thought into letting these boys being able to come back for one last reunion tour it would mean so much to all there loyal fans that are still out there…………so if you like what I’m saying and think I have a point please email me back because I’m determined to stop dreaming about this happening but to make it work.

  2. Michelle says:

    Yeah, I agree with Nikkeah!
    If you want a reunion, we need as many people as possible to send requests to teen magazines such as Tigerbeat, Pop, Bop, M, etc. for Dream Street!
    if they get a lot of requests, they can include Dream Street back into their magazines.
    more people will remember them, and some people may fall in love with them.
    this can make a reunion tour!

  3. Priestly says:

    Haha, I think it’s funny that the “‘full court press’ effort by DSE to catapult [Chris Trousdale] to fame and superstar status as a solo performer” failed so miserably, while Jesse McCartney, who played party to the “smear” against DSE is a bigger star than Trousdale (and will probably be a bigger star than he ever will be)… I guess DSE really doesn’t have much of a driving force

  4. dreamstreetfan says:

    Hahaha…DSE talks like Chris always stood with them on this issue! If you do your research, you will find Chris was sided with the other boys in the lawsuit and it was only until later that he changed his mind and sided with DSE! DSE probably offered him a career opportunity that “persuaded” him to “stand with DSE”. Looking at it now, it REALLY made him a star! I am not hating on Chris, I am a huge fan of his and of Dream Street and I miss them. I think they should perform together again. These sites that you read about them not ever being allowed to perform together again is junk. They can perform together, just not under the name “Dream Street”. Good luck to all DS members! I <3 you guys and miss you!

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