Lawyer Hints Kids Aren’t Michael Jackson’s

Roger Friedman of reports that when the defense rested in Michael Jackson’s child molestation case on Friday, defense attorney Robert Sanger as much as conceded that the pop star’s children may not be his own. Friedman also reports that in tape where Santa Barbara detectives questioned Jackson’s accuser, the then 13-year-old he had no concept of masturbation, didn’t know what an erection was, and had almost no idea of a magazine like Playboy until they were all introduced to him by Jackson, which Friedman scoffed “might be possible in a Merchant Ivory movie about a neurasthenic British lad, but hardly likely for a teen with battling parents in East Los Angeles.” Read more.

Courthouse Betting Suggests Hung Jackson Jury

May 29, 2005 – Helen Kennedy of The New York Daily News provided a run-down of the child molestation trial as closing arguments begin in days. Kennedy said, “Most analysts agree the case against Jackson is weak and his accusers have been efficiently impeached. But the former Thriller’s bizarre lifestyle, coupled with evidence that he paid off the families of two other accusers, could sink him anyway. The betting around the courthouse is for a hung jury, but no one wants to make hard predictions.”

Jay Leno’s Friday Jacko-logue

May 28, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Well, as you may know, yesterday the judge in the Jackson case banned the prosecution from showing photos of Michael Jackson’s genitals. Let me tell you something, I’ve seen the pictures, you can’t see much because — well, you know what it is? No, no, that guy is standing there with the little tiny umbrella. … You might not know this. Earlier today, both the defense and the prosecution have rested. That’s it. They’ve rested. Or as Michael calls it, nap time. … Yeah, Michael’s fate now in the hands of the jury. Which is kind of ironic. This is the first time he’s ever been in the hands of adults. … It will be interesting to see, you know, what happens. A legal expert says the case could be decided by the middle of next week. By the end of the week, they might have a sentence. And by Monday, all of the tell-all books will have been published and the hot juror will have been naked in Playboy. … Well, there was a lot of talk that if is acquitted, he’ll leave the country. That’s what they said. Well, he doesn’t call it leaving, he calls it being transferred to another parish. I think that’s what they call it.”

Jesse Jackson: Plans Africa Theme Park

May 28, 2005 – Michael is convinced he’ll be acquitted of molestation charges and plans to open a children’s theme park in Africa, according to the Rev. Jesse Jackson. “He has plans far beyond this crisis,” Jesse Jackson, the embattled pop star’s “spiritual adviser,” told MSNBC. “He has this kind of fascination with Africa. He’s been there many times. He wants the children of Africa to have a theme park just as Neverland has a park.”

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