Lee DeWyze Kept His Musical Talents A Secret In School

Lee DeWyze performs on Walmart Soundcheck

dropped by Walmart Soundcheck’s studio to give an exclusive performance and interview. The winner’s live set included ‘Live It Up’, ‘Sweet Serendipity’, ‘Earth Stood Still’, ‘Dear Isabelle’ and ‘Beautiful Like You’.

During the interview, the 24-year-old talked about how he got his start in music, the lyrics and message behind ‘Sweet Serendipity’, how he titled his major label debut album ‘Live It Up’, how he handled his studio time, doing what he wanted to do on ‘Idol’ despite perceptions otherwise, how his songs are about his experiences, being part of a “weird” club as one of nine ‘Idol’ winners, and more.

“When I first started playing guitar and singing, it was kind of something I didn’t want people to know,” Lee confessed. “I think anyone that went to high school with me or grade school would be like, when they saw me on ‘Idol’, they were like, ‘Hey, I didn’t didn’t know you sing.’ It was more or less, it was for me. I was never trying to be the coolest guy in the class with the guitar or picking up girls. I just liked it. I loved it and I just did it on my own. Once I started getting into it and realized this is who I am. I’m supposed to be doing this. I love what music I’m making.”

Watch it at soundcheck.walmart.com and check out additional pictures from the visit after the cut.

Lee DeWyze on stage during his Walmart Soundcheck appearance
Lee DeWyze singing on Walmart Soundcheck
Lee DeWyze profile photo during his Walmart Soundcheck live set
Lee DeWyze on the mic during his Walmart Soundcheck performance

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