Lee Ryan Falls Flat On His Face… Literally

Embattled Blue member Lee Ryan is making headlines again after his incredibly unwise remarks about the World Trade Center attack as he now was knocked down in the middle of the road at Leicester Square Tuesday night, according to both The Sun and Popbitch.com. A bystander revealed, “He saw his ‘legions’ of fans, he moved into the road to board his blacked-out people carrier. However, the vehicle had just pulled off and said dense boy band member was knocked down in the middle of the road, much to the amusement of me and my mate. A bunch of photographers appeared from nowhere, capturing his humiliation for the pages of heat (no doubt). Instantly the horrified girls swarmed like crazed bees to grab a piece of the struck down blonde casualty.”

Westlife’s Bryan McFadden Sticks Up For Blue’s Lee

October 31, 2001 – NME reports Bryan McFadden of Westlife stuck up for follow pop star Lee Ryan of Blue telling reporters at a press conference, “We actually spoke to him, I think it was in Belgium at the weekend, and he actually told us that (The Sun) totally took him out of context and he didn’t actually mean it that way. I think whatever he says he says, y’know, and we’re not gonna comment on it because we don’t have an opinion on it. I think he shouldn’t be sacked for something he says like that. He has his opinion, whether it’s wrong or whether it’s right, he shouldn’t be sacked from a music group for what he thinks about politics and stuff like that.”

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