Lee Ryan Not Bothered About Breaking America

After already inflaming the anger of Americans after 9-11 when he argued “who gives a fu** about New York when elephants are being killed”, is again raising eyebrows after being asked about his chances at cracking the U.S. as a solo artist. “America is a big myth. People think of it as the Holy Grail of the industry,” the former Blue star said, according to The Mirror. “It would be amazing to go over there and have a shot but, at the same time, I’m happy being successful in the UK, Asia and the rest of Europe.” He added, “America is very, very racist in the way that if you’re white, you can’t go on black radio and if you’re black, you can’t really go on white radio.”

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7 thoughts on “Lee Ryan Not Bothered About Breaking America

  1. champagne_dancer says:

    The U.S. is very, very happy not to have Lee Ryan here either physically or on the’, ‘music charts. He should go save some elephants instead of trying to crack a market he knows nothing about.

  2. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    Thus guy sounds like an absolute moron. I tell ya, I’m not all that interested in hearing his music…so he can keep America as a “myth” in his mind and stay out of here. He pretty much says he doesn’t like it…but then says he wouldn’t mind having a hit here…is he stupid?? Haha. Wow.

  3. popstar says:

    Wow. So he’s more concerned about a few elephants dying more than people in 9/11? See, that’s what PETA is for, we don’t need anymore crazy people who think they’re beneath an animal. Go crawl in a hole with Osama Bin Laden, since you hate America so much. Oh yea, as an American, I don’t appreciate being called racist, so I will NEVER like whoever this guy is.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I think he means in general…as a whole…’, ‘Not that EVERYONE is racist… But think about it…we oppress EVERYONE here, and that’s not right!

    As a whole, EVERYONE oppresses EVERYONE!!’, ‘I’m an American, so don’t think that I’m some French Floozie who’s out here just to cause trouble. It makes me sad how small minded that America can be as a whole. I’m sorry, but we are supposed to be fighting a war on terror, yet we are over fighting for people who didn’t really want our help in the first place…but who’s here to help us in OUR time of need. We are in a state of emergency right now….we have hundreds of thousands of people with no homes right now, a few thousand who are refusing to leave a city that’s destroyed and toxic at this point… Where is OUR assistance? If we had some of our service men here, they could be down helping out…. Ok, a tangent…I’m not TRYING to be political, but I truly believe that this guy is right, and that is very troublesome to me, and it is up to US to change it!!

    um, ok… If you wanna see what this guy is talking about, go look in the mirror….’, ‘You are a prime example of small minded America…I’d bet you’re a republican aren’t you. Either that, or you’re to young to be either, but you’ve got republican beliefs fed into you. Am I right? Your response to me was the best example of what this Lee Ryan guy was saying…America is in a world of trouble right now (Katrina aside) and you stand around and add to the problem…nice!

  5. avril_rocks says:

    I hate lee Ryan as much as the next person but I must agree with this.

  6. xtina_rulz says:

    Don’t start about that bloody hurricane. At least America is a country that has the resources and the money to cope with such a disaster. What about the third world countries where disasters like this happen far more regularly, where is THEIR aid? And you’re sitting moaning about a few service men being abroad? Yes it’s tragedy but seriously catch a grip, your little rant is just laughable. What do you expect? F**king Africa to come running to your aid or something exactly my point. Or maybe, if you asked nicely, France could help LMAO.

  7. MusicTodayBlows says:

    This clown knows that his sh**y music would flop in America, so he has to make himself feel better by talking sh**

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