Lee Ryan To Star In Film About His Own Life

The Sun reports singer Lee Ryan is making a film about his life – and has cast himself in the lead role. In the movie he will detail his troubled schooling, his battle with dyslexia and how life was made hell by bullies who targeted him for being “thick”. In an exclusive interview, Lee explained, “When I was younger I got chucked out of three schools because they said I couldn’t concentrate on anything. But the truth was I’m dyslexic and they didn’t want to know. At my last school they told me I wasn’t allowed to sit for all my GCSEs because they thought I’d fail. Other kids used to give me stick and call me thick. So I sat down and wrote a script about what was happening to me and now I’m making a film of it.” Read more.

Lee Deja Vu

October 20, 2003 – The Mirror reports were filming at a police station in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, for a video that will be shown at their upcoming gigs, causing Lee Ryan to get a sense of deja vu. “The coppers were very bemused by the boys being there, especially Lee after he got charged for drink driving earlier this year,” a source said. “The boys happily signed autographs for fans and Lee took everyone’s ribbing in good humor.”

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One thought on “Lee Ryan To Star In Film About His Own Life

  1. right_wing says:

    God here we go again, more ‘I’m a celebrity, feel sorry for me for my terrible life’ stories. Does he honestly think that that is the worst thing he could be hit with? He isn’t the only one with dyslexia and he isn’t the only one who has taken a lot of crap for it either

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