Lee Ryan Wants To Have Sex With An Alien

The Sun reports Blue singer Lee Ryan has confessed he wants to have sex with an alien. “I believe aliens really do exist and the human race is a big experiment,” Ryan said. “Think about it – have you ever looked at someone in the street and thought ‘you don’t look right’. If it was a girl alien I would go on a date with her, just to see what happens. We might even make a baby. Imagine that, a new species.” Read more.

Why Lee Ryan Feels Blue

Blue’s Lee Ryan still loves Atomic Kitten Liz McLarnon despite the fact that they split last week. “It’s the pressure of this business. I do love Liz, she’s wicked,” he tells the April issue of Cosmogirl. “We’ve been on and off more times than a tap but it’s hard because some fans slag her off and that’s not nice.” He added, “I wrote a song called Guardian Angel. I’d like to look out for Liz, she’s still a good friend.”

Blue’s Lee Plans To Make Film, Wants Guy Ritchie’s Help

The Mirror reports Blue singer Lee Ryan is planning to make a film and wants to enlist the help of director and Madonna’s hubby Guy Ritchie. “It’s about drugs, racism and growing up in London,” Ryan explained. “I’m still writing it at the moment. I’ve been told to calm it down ‘cos it’s too violent.” He added, “I’m waiting until it gets to the serious stage then I’ll probably take it to Guy.”

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