Lee Ryan’s Crazy Theory About His Normal Behavior

According to the new popbitch.com newsletter, Blue singer Lee Ryan thinks he has had at least one past life. He must have been reincarnated, he says, because: “Every time I eat chicken I eat it with my hands… like they did in the olden days.”

Lee Ryan Goes Shopping With New Girlfriend

January 2, 2004 – The Sun has photos of Blue star Lee Ryan taking his new girlfriend Maxine Haman on a shopping spree at Selfridges and Dolce & Gabbana, and later sharing a kiss in front of other shoppers. Check out the pictures here.

Blue Hellraiser Lee Ryan In Late-Night Bust-Up With Paparazzi

December 10, 2003 – Blue star Lee Ryan may be finding himself in legal troubles after attacking photographers outside the swanky 10 Rooms where he stumbled out at 3am with a gorgeous brunette. Faced with a barrage of flashbulbs, he told snappers he’d pose if they’d leave him alone. But things turned ugly when one chased him up the street and refused to quit taking his picture. “That was like a red rag to a bull,” a witness told The Mirror. “Lee stumbled up and said that if they didn’t get lost, he’d smash their cameras. They didn’t back down so Lee lashed out. His drunken haymaker missed one guy by a mile but a second wasn’t so lucky – Lee’s flying kick smashed his flash gun.”

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