Lena Katina Not A Fan Of t.A.T.u. Bandmate’s Lip Augmentation

Lena Katina of checked in with fans on the Russian pop duo’s blog at MySpace (@tatu) on Friday (January 30), reacting to criticism of her bandmate Yulia Volkova’s recently plumped lips. Lena tells readers:

As for Volkodav and all your negativity about her lips: If I were you, I would resist from such comments! I don’t really like it myself, but crazy stuff can happen to everybody. It’s impossible to talk her out of something if she likes it! So we’re gonna have to wait until it all gone (I wish it was quicker). Anyway, she’s the same Yulka inside!

Motorcycling With t.A.T.u.

January 24, 2009 – t.A.T.u. spoke with MOTO Magazine about learning to ride motorcycles in preparation to appear on stage at the MTV Russian Music Awards on a pair of Kawasaki motorbikes. “I think a bike is the same as a car, just without roof and doors,” Yulia Volkova said. “I just sat on it and started to ride. I feel very comfortable on a bike, but to ride it fast and every day… no, not ready yet, I think.”

Her bandmate Lena Katina added, “It was an amazing experience to learn to ride a bike. And it’s an adrenalin dose: you start doing it and you can’t quit. A car gives you different feelings.”

The story at tatu.ru has since been removed.

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