Lena To Quit Tatu… Admits She And Julia Aren’t Lesbians

The Sun reports t.A.T.u. star Lena Katina admits she and Julia Volkova are not lesbians and have boyfriends in Moscow, and that she’s quitting the group in the Spring to launch a solo career. “We are very tired of each other and it’s not fun playing lesbians any more,” red-head Katina said. “I believe it will be a shock to my friends and family and to Yulia. I can’t wait to get rid of the schoolgirl outfit, jeans and T-shirt that were Tatu’s trademark.”

Tatu Top Japan Album Sales In ’03

ITAR-TASS reports t.A.T.u. is recognized as an absolute record holder of the 2003 pop-music sales in Japan. According to the popular Tokyo radio station Jay Wave, the debute album sale’s number reached 1.4 million copies. Together with various limited editions, the sale’s number evaluated reached 1.8 million copies throughout Japan.

According to the results of the final chart 2003, t.A.T.u. managed to beat even Madonna – their two songs hit top 10 of the chart, where their song ‘All The Things She Said’ went straight to the second position. None of the Russian artists has ever managed to achieve such a success in Japan before.

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4 thoughts on “Lena To Quit Tatu… Admits She And Julia Aren’t Lesbians

  1. Brittany Stewart says:

    Pssh Well That Sucks Ass
    Lena Your Foolish Bitch

  2. vanessa says:

    Lena ain’t a bitch. yeah they’re great together. Lena is in love with Julia but Julia has kids. She’s the one who messed up the whole thing. I miss you girls. You’re awesome together. Wish you both were really together. Come up with more music!! Please!!

  3. Sab Master says:

    I’ve got my heart broken right now I never new they wasn’t lesbians or they were quitting I miss them and my dreams to meet them are over I guess because it is impossible

  4. Kayla says:

    Lena isn’t a bitch, you dumbass. She has always been good to Yulia. In fact, recently Yulia said some nasty things about Lena and her solo career and Lena replied by saying she wished Yulia the best in her own career. So who’s the bitch now?

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