Lenka Comments On Bao Thy’s Cover Of ‘The Show’

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lenkamusic) on Thursday (October 8), addressing her recent visit to Vietnam and a press conference comment she made about Vietnamese pop singer Bao Thy covering Lenka’s hit song ‘The Show’ without proper attribution. The Australian pop singer writes:

To clarify, I don’t know much about this girl, only what my fans have told me and how upset they are about it.

Personally, I love the idea of people doing covers. I even printed sheet music of ‘The Show’ to help people learn the song better! However, usually when people do a cover, they write the name of the song-writer and give them credit for their creativity… For example, with my own cover versions of Modest Mouse, M. Ward and The Zombies, I always mention these artists when I play the songs.

I’m really sorry if i offended anyone about my remarks, and I hope that in the future everyone can enjoy music together and be fair about it. I respect other artists creating music and I just hope for that respect in return.

Listen to Lenka’s song and Bao Thy’s version below.

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