Lenka: Female Singer Songwriter Trend Is A Good Thing

Lenka says the female singer songwriter genre's popularity is a good thing (2008)The Gibson Green Room’s McKenna caught up with Lenka, who talked about the recent buzz the female singer songwriter genre has enjoyed, which said she wasn’t pressured by and viewed it as a positive development.

“It’s a good thing because it means there’s some sort of zeitgeist happening,” the Australia native said. “If there’s a lot of people doing something it becomes like a movement, a trend, and it’s maybe easier for people to pick that as a genre that they like.”

then talked about the Hotel Café Tour, and believing it won’t be competitive or catty, since they’re all so different.

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Lenka: Female Singer Songwriter Trend Is A Good Thing

  1. SherriAnn says:

    Hooray chick singer-songwriters!! I can’t wait for the Hotel Cafe to come back to L.A. — SO looking forward to seeing MEIKO perform live again – she’s so fun! myspace.com/meiko is her website – listened to her music!

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