Leno Jokes About ‘American Idol’ Finale

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Welcome to ‘The Tonight Show’. I’m Jay Leno, the ‘American Idol’. Thank you very much. … As I’m sure you know, last night on ‘American Idol’, Fantasia Barrino beat out Diana Degarmo. ‘American Idol’, sounds more like ‘The Sopranos’ doesn’t it? ‘American Idol’ received a record 65 million votes. 65 million votes! And today Bush and Kerry both started singing lessons. A lot of people voted twice. Today John Kerry said he actually voted for Diana before he voted for Fantasia.”

‘Idol’ Ratings Drop, Still Top

May 28, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports an estimated 31.4 million viewers watched the crowning of Fantasia Barrino over on the season finale of ‘American Idol’ Wednesday night. It is a drop in the ratings from last year’s ‘Idol’ showdown – when 33.7 million tuned in to watch Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken. But it still made Wednesday night’s show on Fox the fourth-most watched regular series episode of the season.

Fantasia Is The Perfect ‘Idol’ Combo

May 28, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “Of course, the big news — last night, Fantasia Barrino became the newest ‘American Idol’. It’s huge — a lot of people like it. That’s right, yeah. As the first black female winner, Fantasia is the perfect combination of Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.”

Kerry Talks About The Tension In The Vote… For ‘American Idol’

May 27, 2004 – Fantasia Barrino beat out Diana Degarmo Wednesday night to become the new ‘American Idol’, and hours before the winner was announced, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry was offering a nod at the singing competition during a campaign speech in Seattle, or was it more of a jab. “I know that the tension is high. People are really concerned about who’s going to win,” he said, with most believing he was referring to himself and President Bush. “Fantasia or Diana. I’m just joking [half the audience laughs]. Half of you don’t even know. That’s a good sign, actually. I’m encouraged. That’s very encouraging. You are smart out here in the state of Washington.”

The WB’s ‘Superstar USA’ Is No Match To ‘American Idol’

May 27, 2004 – Contributed by SJ: The WB’s desperate attempt to reach FOX’s ‘American Idol’ status has flopped, literally. Last week’s Monday premier of The WB’s spoof of ‘American Idol’, ‘Superstar USA’ debuted with a measly 3.5 million viewers. The next night’s episode did barley any better with 3.7 million viewers tuning in. From there, the ratings have gone downhill.

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