Leno Jokes About ‘Idol’ And Naked J.Lo Pictures

Jay Leno joked about ‘American Idol’ during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday, “It’s funny — it’s funny how strange fate can be. I mean, Kelly’s going on to a $1 million contract and an album. Next week, Justin is fighting screech on ‘Celebrity Boxing’.” He later targeted Jennifer Lopez saying, “According to the gossip columns, and I checked this one out. I heard this was true. Jennifer Lopez — the lovely Jennifer Lopez gave her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, naked photos of herself for his birthday. Well, that didn’t make sense. I mean, giving Ben Affleck naked pictures of her. He’s already seen her naked. What does he need those pictures for? Hey, I got a birthday coming up. [Laughter] That would be a great present for me. I haven’t seen her naked. Send me the pictures! I want the pictures!”

Idol Gossip

September 7, 2002 – Interesting gossip on the American Idol contestants and Simon Cowell on the Groupie Central message board. Rey writes that one of the male contestants was gay, another was bi, and that Justin Guarini was sleeping with Kelly Clarkson, who had dumped her boyfriend just after the show started. They also claim that Sarah Whatmore, the Pop Idol contestant who didn’t even make it to the top 10, was signed by Simon Cowell after sleeping with him throughout the show.

‘American Idol’, The Movie

September 6, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ co-creator Simon Fuller tells Variety a feature film is in development starring the show’s winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini. The movie will reportedly blend the two’s real-life adventures with a scripted story. There is no word yet on when the movie will be released.

22.5 Million Watch ‘American Idol’ Finale

September 5, 2002 – Reuters reports an estimated 22.5 million viewers — the show’s biggest to date, watched last night’s ‘American Idol’ finale, which saw Kelly Clarkson emerge as the winner over Justin Guarini. Clarkson afterwards said she will appear at some media events in the days ahead and then plans to take four days off. After that, she said, anything is possible. “I like to entertain in general,” she said. “I’ll do whatever comes my way if I think it’s good at the time.”

AJ McLean Will Be At American Idol Finale

September 5, 2002 – Contributed by MissE119: I was just watching Access Hollywood and they were talking about how so many stars keep showing up for ‘American Idol’ tapings. They confirmed that on tonight’s show, AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys will be walking the red carpet before tonight’s finale.

The World According To Simon Cowell

September 5, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ co-host Ryan Seacrest had the unenviable job of profiling Simon Cowell, from Mr. Nasty’s own perspective. Seacrest read Simon’s prepared text calling him “becoming America’s newest sex symbol” and advised ladies “if you’re looking for an extremely handsome, incredibly intelligent, ridiculously witty, fabulously wealthy lad, then listen up ladies: Simon is single and without a doubt the most popular guy in the entire world.”

Simon Gets $1 Million For New Season Of ‘American Idol’

September 5, 2002 – TV Guide reports ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell will earn a reported $1 million to return for a second season of Fox’s reality phenom. Cowell is the first Idol judge to sign up for the upcoming sequel, though fellow judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson are expected back as well.

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