Leno Jokes About Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Engagement

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday, “And some happy news. Earlier tonight on ‘Primetime Live,’ Jennifer ‘Lord of the Engagement Rings’ Lopez announced her engagement to our good friend Ben Affleck. That’s kind of funny, getting engaged again. I mean, it is kind of funny. That’s Jennifer, always a bride, never a bridesmaid. You’ve got to admit, though, it is kind of funny when she walks down the aisle, the priest goes, ‘You again?'”

Down To Earth J.Lo Is A Lovable Girl From The Bronx

November 14, 2002 – A lot of love for this morning between CNN anchor Catherine Callaway and Tracy St. George of Atlanta’s Q-100 Radio. “She is so fabulous. I love J.Lo,” St. George gushed. “I’ve always been a big fan of J.Lo ever since she was Selena, who I love Selena. That was kind of her big break. Of course she was the ‘Living Color’ girl, the Fly Girl; but I think Salina, when she came out with that movie, you know that really brought her in to the public eye.” Callaway wondered why she was so popular, prompting St. George to respond, “Because she’s so down to earth.” Read more.

Earth To Planet Jennifer Lopez: Who Cares?

November 14, 2002 – Renee Graham of the Boston Globe gave his thoughts on Jennifer admitting to Diane Sawyer last night that she’s engaged to actor Ben Affleck. Graham writes, “See, Lopez thinks this is news we can use. There’s the threat of war with Iraq and a national economy as unstable as Anna Nicole Smith, but hey, Jen and Ben are going to have a go at it, and don’t we all feel better? Inhaling the rare air of Planet J.Lo, Lopez clearly believes that if it’s important to her, it must be important to us. Pardon me if I pass on this cup of celebrity Kool-Aid.”

Designers Scamble To Provide J.Lo’s Wedding Dress

November 14, 2002 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports top designers are scrambling to dress for her wedding to Ben Affleck. “This will be the most looked at wedding dress since Carolyn Bessette’s,” says a source. “It would be an incredible coup for Donatella [Versace] and she knows it. She’s pulling out all the stops on this one.” But because Versace already did the gown for her Cris Judd wedding, they may be looking for a fresh change.

Ben And Jen On The ‘Jenny From The Block’ Set

November 14, 2002 – Ben Affleck was spotted shooting Jennifer Lopez’s new video for the song ‘Jenny from the Block’ last month (October 21). Jennifer was seen wearing her diamond engagement ring.

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