Leno Jokes About Michael Jackson Documentary

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday, “The big two-hour documentary, that first aired in Britain, will be on here tomorrow night. It’s been retitled for the U.S. It’s called ‘Kids Fear Factor.’ That’s basically — You know, I saw some of this thing today. This is unbelievable. In this documentary, Michael Jackson admits — he admits he still has sleepovers with children in his house, and they sometimes share his bed. And what did he say? Oh, this is his quote. He said he sees god in the faces of children. And today, three priests in Boston said, ‘You, too’.”

Jacko Gets Album Sale Boost After Documentary

February 5, 2003 – Ananova reports since Monday night’s screening of Michael Jackson’s interview with Martin Bashir in the UK, the sales of his album have gotten a big boost. Sales of ‘Thriller’ shot up by 500% on Tuesday compared to the previous week’s performance and his greatest hits package ‘HIStory’ rocketed by 1,000% at HMV.

Gloria Allred Urges Investigation Of

February 5, 2003 – Hollywood lawyer Gloria Allred is again on the attack against Michael after the Martin Bashir interview aired on ITV1, where Jacko confessed about sleeping with kids. “I urge the CWS to interview any child who has been in Mr. Jackson’s home and/or bedroom without the presence of their parents,” Allred wrote in a letter to Child Welfare Services in Santa Barbara, California. “It is highly inappropriate for a young child to sleep in the same bedroom with Mr Jackson, especially in light of prior accusations against him. I am deeply disturbed by these new revelations and Mr Jackson’s seeming total lack of understanding of the true significance of his behavior.”

Jacko Sees The Face Of God In Children

February 5, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday, “In a new interview — this is true — claims he sees the face of God in children. That’s a quote. He says he sees the face of God in children. Yeah, and not surprisingly, God usually screams and runs the other way.”

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4 thoughts on “Leno Jokes About Michael Jackson Documentary

  1. aynaiha says:

    Your days of hurting Michael Jackson are over and he is in a place where there’s no hurting I wonder what people are gonna say about you. Have a careful life!

  2. aynaiha says:

    You are a horrible person talking about a man that is beautiful and has the best voice I have ever heard well he is in heaven now and is happy.{Michael Jackson}.

  3. Andy says:

    Jay Leno, you are a rotten idiot that judge him without knowing the facts. There is plenty of evidence in both cases that he was innocent. A child abuser does not wait 10 yrs to strike again. Out of the 1000s of kids that visited Neverland, this was the time difference w the 2 little creeps that targeted him for profit.

    You should have sounded the alarm to prevent other celebs when the Arvizos targeted you. It could have been you, you idiot! trying to clean your name! Shame on you for not going to the police and speak up about them hunting celebs.

    May your ugly chin land you soundly on the floor and may your new show fail horrendously and take away your fame and fortune and be your last sorry attempt on stage. You have no talent, unless our beloved Michael!

    Old bully! That is what you are an old, sophomoric, farting bully!

  4. Deanna says:

    Michael Jackson was the greatest humanitarian in the whole wide world that gave more money to needy children and charities than any celebrity in the universe. MJ tried to heal the world and loved children and would never have made sick jokes to hurt anybody. Making jokes about the deceased is not only in human.. it is immoral..

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