Leno Jokes About VMA’s… Britney & *NSYNC

Jay Leno was wondering about the whole Britney snake thing and made fun of Michael Jackson performing with *NSYNC. Read on for a transcript.

Anybody catch the MTV Video Awards show last night? Do you watch that thing? Yeah, yeah. Really, nine people watched it? That’s it?

Jennifer Lopez sang her song “I’m Real.” And then Britney Spears sang her song “These Aren’t.”

Did you see Britney Spears doing that sexy half-naked dance with that snake? Did you see, she had a snake? You know, for a virgin, she did a good job of handling that snake.

Is that sexy, a snake? You know, why — women do that. You see that all the time. You’ll see that in these clubs and things, women with a snake. Any man think a woman with a snake is sexy, huh? See, a half-naked woman with a pizza and a six-pack, maybe, maybe.

“Oh, that — oh, hey, hey, come over here.” You know. The snake, what is that? I don’t get the snake thing.

Kevin: I like your little dance.

Jay: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you aroused.

Kevin: It takes more than a pizza and a beer, Jay.

Jay: And last night, Michael Jackson came on stage with *NSYNC. Did you see that? Boy, how’d they ever get Michael Jackson to appear with a boy [ Audience ohs ]

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