Leno Ribs At Justin & Britney

Jay Leno joked during his monologue on Monday, “Hey, how about this? Virgin Britney Spears — did you hear about this? That’s what she called herself. She’s a virgin. That’s what she said. She was spotted in a Santa Monica strip club the other day with her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake — you know, from NSYNC? She said she was there looking to learn the dance moves from the strippers. She was watching the strippers put on the dance moves for her act. And she said it was nice of her boyfriend Justin to go along and support her. What a hell of a guy, huh? You see what I’m saying? Yeah, there you go. What a terrific guy. ‘Honey, you keep watching. I’m gonna be gettin’ a lap dance in the corner here. You keep your eye on –‘”

Justin May Be Kissing Butt For Good Reason

November 5, 2001 – All of the promoting that *NSYNC’s has been doing with girlfriend over the weekend may be caused by his glaring omission when asked by Cosmopolitan magazine, ‘Who are the sexiest women in the world?’ Justin replied that ‘Beyonce, J. Lo and Janet’ were on the list, but left out Britney.

Justin & Britney On Z100

November 4, 2001 – *NSYNC’s and Britney Spears were at Z100 radio in New York and someone was kind enough to write up a transcript. Justin didn’t want to promote *NSYNC but his girlfriend’s new album saying, “Man I’m not here to toot my own horn. I’ll toot her’s. Oh don’t take that the wrong way.”

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