Leon Jackson Shoots ‘Don’t Call This Love’ Video

Leon Jackson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@leonjackson) on Friday ( 26). ‘The X Factor’ season four winner tells readers:

On Monday I started my regional radio tour for promotion of my new single. It’s great going round the country to all the radio stations and meeting new people. I have already been to Manchester Liverpool, Sheffield Yorkshire and Newcastle. I have also performed a few live acoustic songs which was brilliant as I am learning how to play the guitar, so it was great to be able to perform my tracks acoustically.

On Tuesday I came back down to London to shoot the video for ‘Don’t Call this Love’. It was shot in east London and it was a great setting and theme for the video – it had a very 60’s/retro feel to it which really suites the song. I really enjoyed shooting the video as it was a lot different to my first single as it involved more settings, extras and role play which told a story. It was great fun! It was a long day shooting but I did enjoy every minute of it and there were lots of extras on set who were all really nice and I got to know them pretty well, so it was definitely worth it and I cant wait to see the result!

The entire post has since been removed.

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One thought on “Leon Jackson Shoots ‘Don’t Call This Love’ Video

  1. roslynd says:

    leon I absolutly love you and I came 2 see you at livingston ma mams m8 Sandra told you 2 keep supporting the gers mon the gers am quite glad you spelt ma name right everywan spells it wrong cheerio xxx

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