Leon Jackson ‘When You Believe’ Video

Leon Jackson 'When You Believe'

‘The X Factor’ season four winner Leon Jackson is out with the video to his debut single ‘When You Believe’, a remake of and Whitney Houston’s 1998 single from the theme to the film ‘The of Egypt’. Watch it at DailyMotion.

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One thought on “Leon Jackson ‘When You Believe’ Video

  1. Paul Carter says:

    This is of my favorite X-Factor histories ever. The 2007 one when Leon Jackson won The X-Factor Final hes my favorite X-Factor winner also. On Wednesday 25th August 2010 over a year ago I won a Talent Show competition called Choices Got Talent I sung his winners single When You Believe & me winning that show has been the most incredible experience of my whole life & I really enjoyed it though also I’m on YouTube, type in Paul Carter sings When You Believe I bet you people would love to hear me sing as good as Leon was though please let me know what you think of it

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