Leonard Muhammad Sits Head Of Table At Jacko Summit

The New York Daily News reports Leonard Muhammad of the Nation of Islam sat at the head of the table at a meeting with members of Michael Jackson’s inner circle on Monday. Asked why he was there, Muhammad responded, “We just want to make sure that everybody knows is innocent.” Jackson’s music manager, Charles Koppelman, said they were discussing the Gloved One’s bottom line – and the Jackson family’s dispute with Motown over royalties – not the criminal case.

DA’s Secret Weapon Against

January 12, 2004 – The National Enquirer reports prosecutors have a secret weapon in their case charging Michael with molesting a boy — two other alleged victims who could help put the King of Pop behind bars. “In this trial the district attorney will want to show a pattern of abuse and a pattern of similar behavior by Jackson,” a police source said. “That’s where the earlier evidence will come into play.”

Pal Plans Intervention

January 12, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Michael’s pal Frank Tyson is plotting an “intervention” to pry the King of Pop away from the grip of Leonardo Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. “Frank insists [Michael’s] condition is the worst he has ever seen,” an insider revealed. “That’s why the Nation of Islam has been able to take so much control.”

Jackson’s Financial Crisis: Beatles Bill Due

January 12, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that with Al Malnik and other Michael Jackson advisers set to meet today at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the subject of his major payment due on to Bank of America for a loan against his Beatles collection may be a high priority. Malnik and others who were close to Jackson have recently been iced out of the picture since the Nation of Islam isolated him in mid-December. Sources say that Malnik, who has worked in the background to bail Jackson out of his financial difficulties, may be so offended by the pop star’s recent decisions that he could wash his hands of the whole deal. “If Malnik walks, Michael’s in big trouble,” a source said. Read more.

Jacko Outdoes Steve Irwin

January 11, 2004 – Jimmy Fallon joked during the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update last night, “This week, Steve Irwin drew criticism this week when he held his month-old son in his arm while hand-feeding a chicken to crocodile. Not to be outdone, Michael Jackson tossed blanket into a shark tank.”

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