Les Deux’s CYA After Lindsay Lohan Crash & DUI

Lonnie Moore, co-owner of Les Deux, spoke with People magazine to comment on news wrecked her car and was charged with DUI several hours after the 20-year-old was partying at the Hollywood hotspot. “A lot of celebrities come [to the restaurant] for dinner or drinks,” Moore said. “Because it is a restaurant, open five nights a week, there is no age limit for our patrons. We welcome Lindsay and her friends whenever they would like to come to Les Deux.” Read more.

Svedka Vodka Pulls Out Of Sponsoring Lohan’s 21st Birthday Bash

Svedka vodka has had second thoughts about sponsoring Lindsay Lohan’s 21st-birthday bash in Las Vegas after a story earlier this week from The New York Daily News questioned the move given that Lohan has struggled with alcohol and has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Apparently the story was written before news of her car crash and DUI charge came in on Saturday, and given that the July 2-3 weekend will no doubt precede whatever court troubles she faces and how bad it may look to the judge presiding over her fate, look for the entire Vegas party to be cancelled anyways. Read more.

Calum Texts Model 46 Times For Sex While With

The Sunday Mirror reports Calum Best tried to lure model Dani Gabric into bed with a series of obscene text messages behind his famous lover Lindsay Lohan’s back at Cipriani.

“All the time Calum could not keep his eyes off me. I spotted him straight away and thought he was gorgeous and sexy-looking,” Gabric explained. “I could see he was with Lindsay, because she kept touching him and trying to kiss him. But he was always making eye contact with me. The second Lindsay went off to the bathroom, he came over and said we should try and talk somewhere private.”

In one of 46 text messages sent to the professional model from the former Yugoslavia, Calum referred to Lindsay saying, “Not girl – friend, she was stalker style last night. We have to be naughty for sure. I live in London babe, and you?”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

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