Lesley Roy Describes The Tracks On Her Debut CD ‘Unbeautiful’

Lesley Roy does a track by track preview of her album 'Unbeautiful'In a video clip at her YouTube channel, talked about the stories behind each and every song for her debut album ‘Unbeautiful’, which was released today on Religion Music.

“I think the album basically explores every kind of relationship you can have,” she said. “When you’re with someone, or your friends, or the relationship you have with your parents, and also if you lose a friend. So it’s just the circle of life and everyone you meet on a day to day basis, if you’re in love with them, if you want to be, or you fall out of love. It’s just a full circle of life and love and relationships.”

She added, “I think when people hear the album, hear the lyrics, and I guess the emotion behind the vocals, I just hope I can touch people and they can relate to what I’ve gone through or what I’ve seen people go through. I guess it’s just for people to feel connected to me and know that someone else may be experiencing the things they’re going through.”

Watch the feature below.

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