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I’ve been in popdirt long enough to get really annoyed by fans and fans constantly debating about who sells more than who. And you know what, it makes all of you look so ridiculous. You act as if you work for the record company, and act as if record sales are the only thing worth talking about (when it comes to Britney that is), and I find that sad.

Most of you Britney fans always talk about how many records she sells and such, but you never mention her music, and I find that sad and pathetic. I thought fans were supposed to talk more about the music, not just talk about the record sales. If that’s all you can talk about when it comes to Britney, then it shows that you really aren’t that honest with yourself as a fan.

But anyways, YES, sales DO matter, but why does it matter to you? What difference would it make if Britney had a #1 album for a whole year while Christina was #2 or whatever? Does that make Britney’s album good? NO. And when y’all keep on comparing, the only point you are making is that Britney (or Christina) sells more, that is all. You aren’t proving anything that shows about how important it is to listen to the music and enjoy it. That’s the point most of you are missing.

I care less about how many records Britney or Christina makes, I would prefer an artist like Norah Jones or Alicia Keys who sell less but offer more musically over an artist that sells a lot of albums because of 1) great advertisement, 2) publicity, and 3) popularity. If Britney or Xtina didn’t have that, then neither of them would make as many records as they do. And by the way, none of us will truly know who sells more than whom. Somewhere, somebody is buying one of their records. Don’t tell me that you have a counter or something that goes up every single time someone touches In The Zone or Stripped and purchases it, and keep it written in your notebook of Britney or Christina worshipping. If you do, then that’s really sad.

And pretty much record sales are based on either predictions, guesses, or are just rounded up sometimes. Most of it is not really fact, anybody can right an article about Britney or Christina and add that they sold 1,000,000 albums in 3 months. And to me it seems as if both Britney and Christina fans are exaggerating on the sales as if you know how much they made as a fact, when to me it seems to be just fan fiction.

Its pointless guys, and you are really wasting your time. I mean, it’s nice to know that Britney sells more or Christina sells more, big whoop, but let’s be honest here. Britney selling more doesn’t make her album a good album for everyone, and doesn’t automatically make her extremely talented, and that’s the same for Christina. It’s all based on opinion. And if you were really honest with yourself and focused on the point of actually buying and enjoying MUSIC, who would you prefer, an artist that has more to offer musically and just has a great album worth buying, or just an artist that sells more but has a boring album that’s full of crap and the same material? (And by the way, that question wasn’t towards bashing Xtina or Britney, for once don’t even think about them put together. Just be honest and ask yourself if you would prefer to buy a record by an artist that just sells more but has an album that’s just lame, or an artist that actually is a great artist and has a great album worth buying $12.95 for.)

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