Lets Get A Few Things Clear About Christina Aguilera

ONLY source that proves poor ticket sales is the New York Post: A TABLOID newspaper. How can anyone with a sound judgment believe the words written on the pages of the NY Post Gossip section aka page 6? The only real positive thing ever published about Christina in that newspaper was about her recent ELLE Cover issue. Otherwise, they are always negative towards Christina. It’s obvious they pulled those ticket sales numbers out of their asses.

Do you think Britney could sell 60% of her concert tickets with the type of promotion Christina had? No. Do you think Britney could sell out 60% of her concert tickets on performing material from an album released almost two years ago? Hell no. The Christina summer tour should have never happened, it was so pointless and I’m actually very happy it got cancelled.

Her vocal strain was a problem and it needed a six week rest period. Rescheduling the tour would mess up other obligations and plans Christina might have already made. If the fans had to choose between a tour and a new album; We’d choose a new album.

When Christina said she was writing and recording for her new album at the MVPA awards…. the anti-Christina fans pounced on that like wild dogs while misunderstanding what she meant. “Recording songs” don’t automatically mean recording VOCALS! She would have said that like she has in the past. Recording VOCALS! She could be working on the musical production side of the album and writing songs. The vocals for her new single, “Hello” haven’t even been recorded yet. An instrumental version of the new single was released, but without any vocals. The haters need to just stop and think.

She’s also got plans for recording a new song for the new animated film “Shark’s Tale” out in July. Whilst doing all that, Christina is writing and preparing a Spanish record and tour….working on her new English album… getting together a new film role–which is rumored to be a gangster flick coming with a $10 million paycheck. Pushing her wealth to over $80 million.

As far as the refunds go for the cancelled summer tour, all the people who ordered with credit cards got their refunds. FanRULE instructed ticket holders to contact their credit companies who issued full refunds.

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