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Contributed anonymously:

Whats up with all these essays? I mean there all about the same topic, . You can love her you can hate her, its your opinion. So just stop posting all these essays saying how she is NOT talented and how she is talented, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Obviously if you are taking time to write out why you hate her, you obviously have some problems. If you don’t like her, don’t write about her. If your a fan of hers, just understand not everyone is going to like her. So please no more essays about Britney Spears. I mean no one really knows her, we just see all the glam or trash in all those magazines. So we can’t really judge her anyways. So stop with all these pointless essays, and everyone do everyone else a favor and stop with these damn essays! No one cares if you don’t like her or if you do! SO get over it everyone and move on…THANK YOU!

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