Lexington Bridge Isn’t Breaking Up, Preparing New Album

Rob Uncles, Nye Oakley, Ephraim Beks, Dax O'Callaghan and Jerome Simeon of the boyband Lexington Bridge updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@lexingtonbridge) on Sunday (March 15), denying rumors that the boy band, which features Rob Uncles, Nye Oakley, Ephraim Beks, Dax O’Callaghan and Jerome Simeon, were going to break up. They also posted dates for their upcoming REWE Family Tour gigs. They tell readers:

First of all NO LXB IS NOT GONNA BREAK UP! currently the boys are preparing a new album with some of the top producers of this moment. And we are so excited! The album is gonna be amazing!!! Complete new sound. More personal and grown up! When the album will be coming out we cant tell you yet, because we first wanna make sure the new album is perfect!!

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