Lexington Bridge Video Diary Outtakes

Rob Uncles, Nye Oakley, Ephraim Beks, Dax O'Callaghan and Jerome Simeon of Lexington BridgeOuttakes footage from Behind-The-Scenes diary has been posted on the Germany based boy band’s YouTube channel. Featured was the Bravo Job Attack soundcheck, where they ran through a rehearsal before getting in a van and engaging in a farting competition and rapping ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

Next up was a visit to the ‘I Just Can’t Hate You’ video set, where group members Rob Uncles, Nye Oakley, Ephraim Beks, Dax O’Callaghan and Jerome Simeon performed ‘Jingle Bells’ in the car on the way.

Then there was some post Dome 44 footage, where they stopped by KFC before returning home, where they showed off their Christmas tree and their CD photos. Next stop was the ‘Hook Up’ rehearsals, followed by being at a spooky hotel during their autograph tour. Some in-flight footage followed to wrap up the 2-part segment.

Watch it below.

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