Liberty Sex

The Sun has photos of Liberty X stars Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young posing in dominatrix gear, leaving behind their male bandmates Kevin Simm and Tony Lundon. “I loved wearing this outfit, it made me feel really sexy,” Michelle said. “We went for a dominatrix look in the shoot, which was great fun. Kevin and Tony love it. They want us to dress like this on stage.”

Liberty X Flattered By Kittner’s Songwriting Help

October 16, 2003 – Steve Kittner, who wrote ‘Stole’ for Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland, has written a track called ‘The Poet’ for the new Liberty X album ‘Being Somebody’. Group member Kelli Young tells Radio 1 they’re really flattered by Kittner’s help. “They kinda came to us as well which is even more cool,” Young said. “I don’t think that they’ve worked with a lot of British acts before. They did a track called ‘The Poet’ and that was one of the songs that we didn’t write on the album. It’s a wicked track and they could have sent it to anybody and the fact that they sent it to us was a real compliment.”

Liberty X Want To Live Up To High Expectations On New LP

October 13, 2003 – Top of the Pops recently spoke with the members of Liberty X and asked the pop group what fans can expect from their new album. Kelli Young responded, “Last time we wrote about three quarters of the album and this time it’s about the same but we’ve had more input in the sense that we’ve started from scratch, so have had more influence with the music, as well as the lyrics and melodies. We’re more confidant this time as we’ve had more experience but we’re also a bit nervous. Our first album did so well that I think people expect a high quality of music to come from us and we want to live up to that expectation.”

Liberty X Stunner Lands Modeling Deal

September 29, 2003 – The Sun reports Liberty X star Jessica Taylor has been commissioned by Models 1 for a Lion King fashion shoot for Disney. “She is very, very excited and absolutely flattered,” said a pal of Jessica. “Singing is obviously Jessica’s priority but modelling has been a long-term ambition of hers. We’ve always said she has the figure to be a model and now she just can’t wait to get started. Her first job is with Disney and she will be doing it in the next fortnight.”

Liberty X Ready ‘Being Somebody’

September 23, 2003 – Radio 1 spoke with Liberty X, who revealed the title of their new album, which is due October 20th. “We’ve been working on it since the tour, so that was like back in March. About six months we’ve been working on it, and it’s just a real nice feeling to have it all wrapped up, all in the can, and we’re looking forward now to getting it out,” the band said. “It’s called ‘Being Somebody’ because over the past year we’ve changed and become a more successful band, and I think the music’s kind of a reflection of that – the opportunity we’ve had, making the album, working with some wicked people. The first single was called ‘Being Nobody’ as well – see that, bit of a play on words!”

Liberty X Search For Video Stars

August 12, 2003 – Capital FM in London caught up with Liberty X auditioning wannabe stars for the video for their new single ‘Jumping’. Asked how it feels being on the other side of the judging process, Jessica Taylor responded, “Yeah, it’s horrible actually. The odd time when we’ve had to put someone through over another, we’ve found it impossible and we’ve begged the producer; “Can we not put them all through?” It’s going to be really really difficult. Hopefully 10 people will stand out and it will be easy.” Audio has since been removed.

Liberty X Get More Polished & Cool On Sophomore LP

August 3, 2003 – Liberty X star Michelle Heaton tells the Sunday People that the group has co-written more than 70 new tunes for their sophomore album. “We wrote 70 songs and had to painfully whittle them down to 10 or 11,” Heaton said. “It’s going to be much the same as the last album but more polished and cool.”

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