Liberty X Field Romance Questions Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

Liberty X girls Jessica Taylor, Kelli Young, and spoke with Top of the Pops about Valentine’s Day and asked if they expect gifts like chocolates or flowers on a date. Jessica says, “Wouldn’t expect it but it’s definitely big bonus points if you do.” Michelle says, “I don’t know. If I went for a first date with somebody and he came to the door with a big bunch of flowers and chocolates I’d think he was a bit weird! Maybe cos I’ve never had it. I’d feel a bit uncomfortable. I’d think, since he’d given me something, so he’d kind of, not expect something in return, but that I’d have to be really nice.”

What Makes Liberty X’s Kelli Young Cry

January 25, 2004 – Kelli Young of Liberty X spoke with ‘Top of the Pops’ about subjects that make her cry. “Yeah, the movie ‘Ghost’,” she revealed. “The bit at the end where she sees him for the first time even though he’s dead. Aww… that bit! The whole ‘I love you / ditto’ thing. That gets me every time. And also the movie ‘The Color Purple’. That’s guaranteed to make me cry all the way through.”

Liberty X Under Fire Over New Video

January 13, 2004 – The Sun reports Liberty X have been slammed by an accident prevention group for filming their new video ‘Everybody Cries’ on a railway line, accusing the group of promoting trespassing and vandalism. The letter states, “It’s puzzling why you would be so irresponsible and allow the group to engage in a potentially life-threatening activity. The railway industry have spent millions of pounds over the years on trespassing and vandalism campaigns and images such as these are doing nothing to help our cause.”

Liberty X’s Tony Calls Pop Music ‘Escapism’

December 28, 2003 – Lennat Mak of recently caught up with Liberty X star Tony Lundon and asked the pop artist what about pop music he likes most. “The way I look at pop music, it’s like the James Bond movies,” he said. “It’s escapism and it’s entertainment. And I think it should be entertaining first and foremost. There are a lot of songs where the lyrics are crap, but they still have good melodies and good production. I can still really, really like the song because it is entertainment. But I think pop music has changed. People are expecting more from pop music. They want quality. They don’t want just to be entertained. People wanted more depth to it. That’s what makes pop music so challenging and exciting for the moment, especially for a band like us. We are writing our own stuff and we are exploring music as well. We are finding out about an awful lot of musical styles that we don’t know about. I think pop music is changing for the better at the moment.”

Liberty X Gals Have Nice Bodies, But Lousy Wardrobe

November 16, 2003 – of Sugababes has blasted the Liberty X girls, branding their outfits as looking “home made.” Keisha said, “The girls from Liberty X have a dodgy dressing room. It seems as though the clothes are home made. It doesn’t do them justice. I think Liberty X have got the best figures in pop, but they also have the worst clothes in the business.”

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