‘Lights, Acoustic’ EP Out July 20th

Canadian synthpop singer LIGHTS has dark hair talked about her upcoming EP ‘Lights, Acoustic’ in a new YouTube video. The EP will be available digitally in Canada, the US, and UK on July 20th.

“I’m really excited about the acoustic EP,” the Canadian synthpop singer explained. “The idea started from doing Ustream chats and my YouTube videos and people giving me really encouraging responses on that. In turn I got really comfortable doing acoustic stuff. I’ve been working a lot more on it, burning the tips of my fingers off. My finger here from bar chords looks like a grilled potato, but it’s all worth it because I’m doing the acoustic EP. I actually recorded it at home when I had a week off in March. I remember Tweeting about it and telling you guys I’m working on something for you guys, but I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I can now, it’s an acoustic EP. It actually resulted in me naming my home studio. I call it Sub Sleep Studios because I sleep above it and my studio is under it, so it’s under my sleep. Yeah, really cheesy. I really like it. That’s where the EP was recorded. It was all just engineered, produced and played by me. I’m really excited to put something out there that’s really just me. Just by my hands.”

Watch the message via YouTube below.

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