Lights Concludes Her Competition For Lance’s BFF

Lights shows her pet spider Lance a Lights doll, who she declared the winner of her BFF contest continued her competition to find her pet spider Lance a new BFF, as Cokey Coco-Nut, Trixxie and Archilon Shadowheart take part in an instant message session with the Canadian pop singer to determine the winner. When it came to making a choice though, Lights selected a Barbie sized version of herself.

“So Lance, the results are in. What do you think of all the contestants,” Lights asked. “I hear you. Yeah, but see Cokey, you really have fun jamming with him, Archilon will keep you safe, and Trixxie’s hot, you know? What’s that? I kind of thought you’d say that, and that’s why I made you this. It’s me! She can listen to you and jam with you and protect you. Screw the other contestants. Who needs them. I made you one. Stoked! The results are in folks. Lance and Lights, best friends forever.”

Watch the video blog below.

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2 thoughts on “Lights Concludes Her Competition For Lance’s BFF

  1. boun sengpraseuth says:

    I love Lance!<3

  2. TTorque says:

    Adorable (: Lance&Lights BFF

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