Lights Loves Beef Jerky

Canadian singer Lights, wearing a headband, talks about touring with Copeland and her love for beef jerky checked in on her YouTube channel with an update on week two of the Copeland tour, where the Canadian pop singer admitted to having an intense love for beef jerky. She then talked about her bandmates – keyboardist Adam and drummer Maurie.

“This is week two of the Copeland tour. In the last video blog, I mentioned that things were gonna go uphill, and they totally have been,” she said. “Things are getting better every night, and I’m realizing there’s all these little things that I love about being on the road. For starters, the incredible scenery that we get to see through all the miles and miles of America that we’re driving through. It’s pretty crazy. I mean like windmill armies, and mesas, deserts, roadkill, and I realize I have this intense love for beef jerky. I’m not even joking, I’m eating it right now. Hotel coffee, hotel pillow, desert dinosaur, and there’s nothing better than peeling off your socks in the van after a show.”

Watch the clip below.

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