Lights ‘The Listening’ Acoustic Performance

Lights performs an acoustic version of 'The Listening' performed an acoustic version of ‘The Listening’, featured on her ‘Saviour’ EP, which was released on Tuesday (September 8), and the title track of her debut album out September 22nd in Canada and October 6th in America.

“First of all, wow! I can’t even tell you how stoked I am on the response I’ve been getting on the Saviour EP,” the 22-year-old writes on her MySpace. “I get so much out of sitting down and writing a song that makes me happy, but when I hear back from you guys that it makes you happy too, I’m over the freaking moon! So, today I had a few spare minutes between my activities and had a chance to sit down with my guitar. To go with the release of the ‘Saviour’ EP, I threw down an acoustic rendition of ‘The Listening’, also on the EP, and the title track of my record.”

Watch it below.

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