Lillix’s Tasha-Ray Evin Takes Part In ‘Rockstar Academy’

Tasha-Ray Evin of checked in with fans on the pop rock band’s official web site on Wednesday (March 2), talking about being part of a new docu-reality show. Tasha writes:

Hey guys, so I wanted to send you a note on something…

I auditioned for a Docu-reality show called “Rockstar Academy” a few months back and received a call back that I got the show! The show follows 12 students attending Rockstar Academy school on their journey toward making it in the music business. Now, I just finished the last week of filming! BUT, the final episode will be shot in Hollywood, where I will be performing and judged and the winner of the show receives a record deal! The trailer is on it’s way and you will get to watch it all on KVOS starting March 5 @ 7pm.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures (link has since gone 404)

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