Lily Allen Denies Rift With Peaches Geldof

is denying reports in The Sun and The Mirror that she spit on the feet of Bob Geldof’s daughter Peaches at the V Festival over the weekend. “For the record, I did not spit at the lovely Peaches Geldof,” she writes on her MySpace page on Wednesday (August 23). “I went to the V Festival and some silly journo came up to me and said ‘Hi Lily, that Peaches, over there, said you are a stupid cokehead. Why don’t you go over and have a word with her?’ I’ve known Peaches for a while now, and doubt she would say such a thing, so I ignored this journalist (I use term journalist loosely!) and went about my day. Thank you for your time. By the way Peaches is a lovely, incredibly intelligent young lady, and I want you to know there is no issue there whatsoever.”

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