Lily Allen Explains Her Nightclub Men’s Room Visit

phoned The Mirror to explain why she was in the men’s room at the Dolce nightclub, especially since rocker Johnny Borrell of Razorlight and actor Noel Fielding where also in the toilets at that time. “Everyone now wants to know what I was doing in there. But I’m telling you, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I’m an innocent bystander,” Allen said. “Yes, I was in the men’s toilets, but I always go to the men’s toilets when there’s a huge queue in the ladies.”

As for the guys, Lily insisted, “I have no idea what happened with Noel and Johnny. I think they did get thrown out by security but that had nothing to do with me, that’s what I’m pissed off about. I walked into the men’s, that’s all.” Read more.

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